We chat with our Founder - Alyssa Butcher x

We chat with our Founder - Alyssa Butcher x


Get to know our founder Alyssa Butcher

Hello! We’re so happy you’re stopping by. Recently we sat down with our founder Alyssa Butcher to talk all things Esther Rose. What started as a pipe dream to help couples create affordable wedding stationery, is now turning into a go to Wedding & Event Stationery business that also offers event styling & planning. 


Best day of the week for you? 

Tuesdays have got to be one of my favourite days of the week - there's something in the air on a Tuesday that makes everything I do so productive. It could have something to do with the wine I look forward to that night with my wonderful boyfriend, or that I plan most of my friend's catchups on a Tuesday (always over sushi!) I'm a big believer in making the most out of every week, and to stop only looking forward to weekends!

Why Event Stationery? 

It’s really tough to find words to explain how surreal it feels when somebody asks you to play a role (even the smallest amount) within their Wedding! I was asked to design some Wedding stationery for an old friend a few years ago, and my heart was absolutely RACING with excitement when the photos of my work landed in my inbox. Guess I decided to chase that feeling.

Why did you start Esther Rose? 

They say that when you have a shake up with your life, it gives you a little perspective - it makes you want to chase the things that bring you joy. In 2021, my family were faced with the heartbreaking loss of my father. The week he passed, I purchased the domain and ordered a sticker set for Esther Rose, since then I’ve been determined to make things work out.

Who is the most interesting person you’ve met?

Well, aside from Taylor Swift (yes, I did actually meet her) it’s a bit of a tough call. I meet a lot of very cool, and interesting people daily. Given the nature of my job, I’m constantly engaging with creative and inspiring people! 

What are you most proud of with Esther Rose?

I manage/design/write the copy and plan the social media for all of our posts. Having no formal training in social media, I’d say I’m the most proud of this! I also write myself little goals every week, and when I check them off I feel so so proud of myself.

What’s your favourite part of a wedding? Stationery & Signage excluded!

I LOVE the moment a newly married couple get to be completely alone on their wedding day. When they take a minute to soak in the loved ones' presence, their venue, their food or cake. It’s so heartwarming. 

Do you only work for Esther Rose? 

A gal can dream! At the moment I also work as a Graphic Designer part time! Watch this space though, it won’t be long ;) 

Does anyone work with you?

At the moment Esther Rose is being run by mostly myself. However, I have a few selected creative casual employees. These wonderfully talented people help with Graphic Design, Copywriting, and my general admin work! Esther Rose really would be nowhere without them all! 

Where do you see Esther Rose in 10 years?

I have daydreams about Esther Rose being everyone’s go-to event planning, styling, and designing needs! We’ll have an office space in inner city Brisbane with a hole in the wall cafe, floristry studio, and an event hire space.

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