Rachel, Karl & Their Enchanting Wedding Day x

Rachel, Karl & Their Enchanting Wedding Day x

Wow, when we stumbled across the beautiful photos of Rachel & Karl's Wedding Day, we just had to reach out to them and chat about it. Their Wedding encapsulated the meaningfulness of their relationship and it's very clear that although they had to postpone due to *that* virus, the Wedding was well worth the wait.

Let's dive into the questions x

Rachel & Karl, when we stumbled upon your beautiful Wedding photos, our jaws collectively dropped! You somehow managed to create the most spectacular, fairy-tale-like, incredible day. Did you always envision your Wedding day like this?

I always knew I wanted a romantic and ethereal forest wedding. As we had a clear idea of the tone we were looking for, I focused on locating vendors whose artistic style reflected this idea. The florist, cake artist, and the photographers were all masters of their craft and all possessed a passion for going above and beyond with their artistic abilities. Additionally, when we discussed our vision of the day with them, we allowed them full freedom to flex their artistic muscles and trusted in their expertise to bring our vision to life.

Short answer, Yes. I grew up in tropical North Queensland, so a rainforest wedding felt right for me. As soon as I saw the venue, I said, “this is it.” Ultimately, Rachel deserves most of the credit for the sheer amount of research she put into making the vision board for our wedding. Many hours on Instagram and making Keynote presentations which she would use to brief me.

What was your favourite detail of the whole day?

One thing that really stood out for me, and, at the time, even surprised me, happened when we moved to the dance floor. During other weddings I’ve attended most guests eventually get their boogie on, but it takes a little time and often a little more alcohol. At our wedding, however, every single person we invited immediately joined us on the dance floor, so much so that the floorboards were literally bending under the weight of our combined grooving. It truly made me appreciate and realise how happy our friends and family were for us.

The thing that sticks with me the most was speaking our vows. There was so much love and heartfelt emotion. Everything else fades, It becomes just the two of you and some very powerful and profound oaths of love. Attempting to be prepared - Karl and the groomsmen had hankies at the ready for any tears. There were many tears.

We adored that you created a lot of moments of connection throughout the planning process. Hand making your Wedding rings, for example. Was there anything else you did together to make the planning process romantic and fun?

I don’t know if we went into any part of the process expecting it to be romantic or fun. There were just some things we really wanted to do. In regards to the rings, to me, a flashy expensive ring holds little value, but by forging them together, we were putting a little piece of ourselves into these objects. Ultimately, I feel that makes them priceless and something I will treasure forever. I can understand that this might not be for everyone though.

Another factor which really helped our vision come to life was that most of our vendors were close friends, allowing us the freedom to run the day how we wanted. Our celebrant, Long Ho, was actually my former boss, and we worked together to write the ceremony. This included Karl and I telling stories, and engaging the guests into the experience - far from the traditional wedding format.

If you had your Wedding day over again, what would you 100% do again, and what do you think you could do without?

I don't think there is anything I would do differently. Each individual element came together perfectly to create such a wonderful and magical day. It was just so amazing having everyone we love and care about celebrate our wedding with us.

I would do it all again as it was, but maybe show Rachel how to add tasks to my digital to-do list earlier - delegate, delegate, delegate. Ultimately, what made our wedding so special is it felt like us, because we planned it for us. Right at the beginning we created a vision board, talked about what we wanted and made it happen - and the rest is magic.

 Rachel getting ready for her Wedding Day in Brisbane. Beautiful Ceremony set up for Rachel & Karl's WeddingWedding Ceremony for Rachel & Karl x

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