Lust List this July x

In a world of comparison, and influencing, I've been finding myself in a rut of hostility. I wake up, and during my morning TikTok scroll (don't judge me for not making a hot lemon water and doing yoga at 5am), I become green with envy so quickly. 

I'm a very creative person, I've always found it easy to express my artistic side through dance, painting, designing, illustrating or cooking. The past 6 months or so have seen the decline in my ability to share my creativity - it's probably no coincidence that my screen time has been creeping up also. I've been craving creation with no audience, connection with nature, and conversations with inspiring, and authentic people.

The nature of social media often doesn’t allow the time to connect with creatives on the level I'm seeking. It's mostly a balance between marketing, and selling, and gloating. I want to connect with my audience, I want them to know my story, I want them to want to work with Esther Rose because they love me. 

This is a very long winded way of telling you, I feel as though I'm at the beginning of a journey of connection, story-telling, encouragement and most-importantly, expression.

Please enjoy some mood boards I've put together from a collection of Pinterest pins and screenshots in my camera roll. I think it's time to deactivate TikTok for a while.

You can find my pinterest board here, create your own lust list. 

Love, Lys x

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