July Journal, 2023.

July Journal, 2023.

Dedicating a day to resting, resetting and reigniting my love for graphic design today. This is new for me, and was completely inspired by a fellow graphic designer & content creator whom I've admired for years. Jasmine Dowling. You can read her blog posts here.


This month was all about resetting my mind-frame and my approach to my work and business. Not an easy one. I've entered this financial year feeling a strong desire to stay focused on manifesting my vision board, keeping my finances in order, and being able to keep this passion of mine as a full time job. 

It's a daily battle, most mornings I have my coffee served with a dose of self doubt and dig myself into a hole that isn't easy to pull myself out of. Instead of dwelling I'm focusing on the following: gratitude, exercise, goal-setting, and focus. I'll check back in August and let you know how it's going.


A big high for the month was receiving the beautiful Chantel & Nicholas' Wedding Invitations in the mail. I adore these, I had them printed on handmade paper, and we sent them out with a ribbon around them and sealed in an envelope with a wax seal. Talk about divine. 

A sneaky little trip to the arctic - I mean, Melbourne. Lol. It was beautiful, freezing, and a wonderful little getaway with my love. 

I realised we're past the middle of winter, so that's something. Counting down the days until spring! I even stopped by my local market to pick up some daffodils to remind me the end is near.

Oh, we stopped into Etna Brisbane for a bite to eat with some of our close friends. It was lovely! Whilst in Brisbane we also saw the movie Oppenheimer.


This was a tough month in the imposter syndrome world, a whole lot of comparison and envy creeping in. I'm focusing on less screen time, less judgement, less focus on what other people are doing.

I'm currently sacrificing most, if not all, of my income back into my business, there's a whole lot of grafting happening at the moment. This is really tough when you see your friends in the corporate world purchasing the latest designer everything, or booking trips overseas. 

What I'm loving at the moment: 

Look, In the interest of transparency, all of my income is currently going back into my business. It's tough out here. But that doesn't stop me from daydreaming about my current lust list. 

Dining Set by No 22 Home. 
This divine !!! dining set by No. 22. Home. The beautiful scalloped edging, paired with the colour range. Adding to my: 'when you have a disposable income' shopping list asap. 

Casale Subscription Candles.
I have owned many of these Casale Candles, and when I stumbled upon this subscription service I couldn't help but think it was so so clever. If you're anything like me, you sometimes feel a little guilty burning a 'nice candle,' but if you know you have another coming in a month - you might indulge in a little more self care. 

Thrift Shopping.
I also want to take a quick moment to shine a light on some beauties I found whilst thrift shopping last week in Brisbane. Reusing is so cool, and isn't it dope to add to your wardrobe without robbing your future self from savings. 

Monthly Recommendations: 

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Currently Watching | Mr Inbetween on Stan (HIGHLY recommend!!)
Currently Reading | Diary of an Influencer by Amanda Jones shop here

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