Content Creator on your Wedding Day? A must!

Content Creator on your Wedding Day? A must!

We were SO stoked to get the opportunity to ask the lovely Taylor from ‘Honey I got you,’ a couple of questions about her blooming content creation business.

If you’re anything like me, the thought of social media can be a little daunting and overwhelming. Sure, we love to consume content from creators on tiktok and instagram, but we have NO idea how to create something like that for ourselves. Enter, Taylor. 

How did you get into Wedding content creation? What is your background?

Oh my gosh, I honestly kind of fell into it. My background is actually early childhood education haha so very different.

But I was a bridesmaid for one of my besties and made it my mission to get content for her the morning of us getting ready and make some fun transition videos.

From that i had two vendors reach out on the day and afterwards saying i should do this as a job. I brushed it off because like content creation as a job ? meee? Noo 

Then I looked into it and found it's pretty popular in the USA and UK and thought ‘yah why not I LOVE IT so let's go for it!’ 

What kind of equipment do you use?

Iphone 14 pro to capture all the content

I have a tripod if needed (depends what the bride wants filmed)

Looking into getting a gimbal 

Do you create tik toks and reels? Or do you supply all of the videos for clients to create them themselves?

Both !!! So any tiktoks or reels the bride has requested I will film them on the day and most of the time they want me to edit them all together. However they receive all the content i film so they can make any content with those videos 

Why should couples consider a content creator for their Wedding day?

Ekkk so many reasons ! I think there is a misconception out there that we just film tiktoks but we are there capturing all the little bits and pieces of everything and everyone. The silly candid moments in between photos, the details of your ceremony and reception and capturing your guest so you can see what everyone is up to. 

They say your wedding day goes by so fast and brides often say they wish they had more content of the day to be able to relieve the feelings. BONUS when you hire a content creator you get all the content the very next day !! no more waiting for your professional edits to relive the best day ever.

What should your clients know before they enquire with you?

If you play Shania Twain i will break out in a dance routine! Haha! 

And that i will do my very best to keep the day cruisey as i don't want to add anymore stress or pressure to the day. The mood is light and the vibes are high. I work alongside your bridesmaids to be your hype girl on the day ! After a wedding I genuinely feel like I've known the brides a lifetime.

Do you have any questions for Taylor? Or are you keen to get in touch with her? 

Head to this link x

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